Achievements What we Do

With the support of our committed volunteers and Board members, the Sinkunia Community Development Organization has made the following gains at local and international levels:


• Design and provide after school/academic tutoring to more than 50 immigrant children and youth

• Provide cultural and heritage support to more than 50 immigrant children and youth

• In 2011, collaborate with cultural groups from the African community to facilitate the successful participation of 22 children in a two week Summer Day Camp. As well, send 50 children and families from different cultural groups (Latin American, Asian, and Caribbean) to a fun filled picnic at Randall Park.

• In partnership with Action for Healthy Communities and HIV Edmonton, design and implement a one day Sexual Health workshop for 15 immigrant and Aboriginal youth

• Build viable partnerships with over 15 mainstream organizations and cultural groups

• Provide employment support and referral to 10 newcomers

• Partner with the CSL program of the University of Alberta to deliver 6 weeks introductory Philosophy to African immigrant youth

• In 2013, raise $35,000 from different fundraising activities. This amount will be used as matching funds for the Sinkunia clean water project and local programs.

At the international level:

• Build two wells that are providing clean source of water supply to more than 500 families in Sinkunia

• Distribute relief items donated by the Alberta Distribution and Relief Agency (ADRA) among 100 school children and elders in Sinkunia

• Pay tuition for 5 high school students in Sinkunia

• Invest in a community farm and a ranch in SInkunia. The ranch presently has 20 cows, 10 sheep, and 10 goats.

• Set up a piggery project in one community in Ghana

Our target for 2013-2014 Fiscal Year