Franki Harrogate

Franki Harrogate, BA  Counselling Psychology

Franki Harrogate is a second-year graduate student in Athabasca University’s Graduate Centre of Applied Psychology program. An active feminist with a strong focus on intersectionality, Franki has volunteered with various organizations over the years. She is a presenter with LEAF Edmonton’s “Only Yes Means Yes” program, a board member of the InMotion Network and chair of InMotion's Physical Activity Committee, as well as a board member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and leader of the ACCT's Governance and Policy team. Most recently, Franki has worked as a research assistant with Zenev & Associates, tasked with managing the scoping

UN Women Safe Cities Initiative

project portion of Edmonton's participation in the UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Programme Initiative. Her work depended heavily on an intersectional framework and deconstructing colonialist perspectives. Franki actively works to dismantle white supremacy by listening and learning about the histories of colonialism and its resultant legacies in Canada. More importantly, she incorporates this understanding into everyday interactions, seeking to consciously dismantle racism, sexism, and ableism within herself, others, and formalized systems.

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