Our History About Sinkunia Community Development Organization

Sinkunia Community Development Organization (SCDO) was founded by Issa Kamara; a Social Worker, Community Developer and Advocate. The founding of SCDO was fueled by two fundamental reasons. First, while completing his graduate studies at the University of Manitoba, Issa was emotionally disturbed by the increasing number of African immigrant youth in incarceration at the Manitoba Youth Detention Centre because of their alleged involvement in illegal activities. Also, Issa was committed to help mitigate the harsh economic and social conditions plaguing people in his native community in Sierra Leone. The desire to give back to his community emanated from the support he received from his people while attending school.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Social Work, Issa worked with a few social services agencies in Winnipeg and later Edmonton as a Social Worker (Community Developer, Counsellor and Cultural Diversity Advocate). Having acquired sufficient practical experience in dealing with social and economic problems on a global scale, Issa took some time off regular work to pursue his dream of helping to lift his people out of their deplorable conditions. Prior to this, Issa was actively involved in the rehabilitation of his war ravaged community.

On November 27, 2007, Issa formally registered the Sinkunia Community Development Organization with the Alberta Corporate Registries. In 2008, the organization shipped the first container load of relief items donated by the Alberta Distribution and Relief Agency (ADRA) to the Sinkunia community. The relief items included bicycles, school supplies, used clothes, hospital beds and bedding. The items were distributed among school children, the elderly, the Sinkunia Community Health Centre and schools. In the same period, the organization received its first funding from the city of Edmonton to provide after school support to youth in the Sierra Leone community. Since then, the organization has expanded its programs and services to touch the lives of so many African immigrant children and youth in Edmonton. The organization has also dug wells that provide clean water supply, set up a scholarship program to pay tuition for ten (10) students, provide micro credit to poor women, and invested in mechanized farming for food security in Sinkunia.

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